Monday, October 4, 2010

Get Social and Motivated with our Group X Classes!

How's it going Bronco Fitness members? We want to remind our new members as well as all the returning members that we do offer group exercise classes at the Bronco Fitness Center.

It is quite common to feel confused when you first join any gym. It is also common for many members to always feel self conscious when they work out. We want you to know that you are not alone and we can take care of any concern you may have. That is what we personal trainers are here for - to assist and help guide you through any questions or conerns you may have.

We want to encourage you to participate in our Group X classes as it is a great alternative! Many gyms, including the Bronco Fitness Center have been effective in satisfying member needs when they incorporate Group X classes because it is such a great outlet for all members. It is a perfect opportunity to meet the trainers of the class as well as meet fellow Bronco members.

Why do member love the BFC's Group X classes?

For one, we offer a great variety of classes. We offer everything from martial arts, to body tone, to cycling and spinning, to kickboxing, to yoga, to pilates, to zumba, to cardio craze, and even absolution. All the trainers that lead their classes have their certification in their area of expertise.

Second and probably the most influential reason as to why many participate in Group X classes is that it is a great way to socialize with fellow gym members. You don't have to work out alone anymore! The other members in the class are there for the same reason you are. It is an awesome way to interact with other members taking the class, as well as make a few new buddies. Something as simple as taking an exercise class can help establish relationships outside of the gym and in your life. Think about it. How many relationships have you made with those you have met through your educational classes (from grade school up to present)? Group X classes can help boost the self esteem of any individual at any level of fitness! So we encourage everyone to take advantage of the classes, participate, and meet your fellow members!

Third, it is an awesome and fun way to learn! The Group X leaders are there to help motivate you and push you. They are very approachable and are there for YOU. Take the opportunity to ask them any questions you may have or any additional tips to help you reach your goals.

And the best part...
It comes with your membership! No additional cost!

-Ryan Benito

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