Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Time To Train

I would like to take a moment and step away from my customary blog topic of nutrition and highlight some facts about personal training in general.

It is well-known that the personal training service has a direct correlation with disposable income amounts as this is a key external driver to purchasing personal training sessions. With disposable income amounts expected to increase in the next five years, so is the interest in fitness and the personal training service (I hope you're all ready). The fight against obesity and the focus on staying fit is what’s helping this industry grow.

Personal training itself is a very competitive industry due to the high amount of establishments and increasing number of trainers. This sheds light on the fact that each trainer must follow their own unique style and give their best work every session. Clients seek the knowledge of the trainer and pick up on their confidence. Truly an elite bunch, nationally certified personal trainers are terrific resources for anyone interested in fitness. (Here’s a link that looks at the top four certification providers)

According to IBIS World the personal training segment has seen exponential growth since the late 1980’s reaching 160,000 trainers nationwide. Composed of about 77% females, personal trainers possess the skills to help clients reach their fitness goals. According to SGMA International, back in 2001 personal trainers countrywide served over 5 million clients. With those numbers increasing each year it’s no wonder why competition is so high and potential trainers are recognizing the growth.

So while you’re in the Bronco Fitness Center, take advantage of our Personal Training services and talk to a staff member. All of our trainers are nationally certified and highly trained. Our job is to help get you on the right path towards meeting and exceeding your goals. Did I forget to mention that new members get two free personal training sessions? So now there’s really no excuse to not swing by the fitness desk and get connected with a trainer during your next workout. Let us exercise our knowledge and skills while you get in shape and find the results you’ve been looking for.


(ACE Certified Personal Trainer)

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  1. Congrats to all the trainers at the BFC for their success in passing! Well deserved from all the studying, hardwork and training each person put into their future as a fitness professional.