Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fat Burning Tip for All

Many of us think we understand the basis of a fat burning exercise. Others will admit that they may have an unclear understanding of fat metabolism in combination with exercise. Fat burning is obviously difficult, otherwise most of us would not find ourselves steadily gaining inches to our waistlines from the time we became freshmen in college. So what should you know if you are cardio training?

Lets talk about the two key components of fat used as a source of energy:

Tapping into your fat, otherwise known as "energy stores" takes TIME. When I say time, I am referring to long bouts of exercise lasting up to an hour. Also, understand that losing body fat does not happen in days or even weeks. It is best to look at these measurements in months for real progress. This can be discouraging but realize the accumulation of energy stores similarly occurs over time, not just from the diet, but by reducing your activity level.

Another key component is a LOW INTENSITY mechanism and resistance. In translation, choose exercises that can be done at low speeds so you can perform them for a longer period of time. With high intensity exercise, the body loses fuel more rapidly and cannot contribute to the duration required for fat stores to breakdown as an energy source.

Here is a suggestion for a low intensity, long duration exercise that any level of fitness (cardio trained or resistance trained) can perform:

Speed walking
This is actually a very wasteful use of energy and requires the help of your fat stores to preserve your blood sugar.

I suggest to modify this by walking uphill, using the incline on the treadmill, or hiking at Clairemont or Azusa trails. In walking fast, without breaking into a jog you can manipulate your metabolism to fat burn.

Finally, the best way to get results is not just by coming to the gym. Challenge yourself to increase your daily exercise habits, whether it be taking the stairs, parking farther away, or scheduling a ten minute walk three to six times a day. These strategies have all shown to be effective ways to reduce fat mass.

Please post questions or any comments you may have!

~Katie Sue

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  1. Claremont Trails would be really fun! Grab a partner and get going! :)