Friday, November 5, 2010

Creating the Ultimate Schedule

That exciting but dreadful time of the quarter is upon us, adding classes. We know that adding classes is sort of like winning the lottery, it’s hit or miss. But I have been here for a while and I realized that the problem wasn’t the classes I was taking but the way that I had scheduled them. There were quarters where I only had classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but I was at school from 9 am to 8 pm. I was stuck at school all day and all there was to eat on campus was fast food places which is not a good look. I was focused on working out but I couldn’t because I simply had no energy due to lack of carbohydrates and protein which was substituted with sugars. It was a rough quarter for me and I knew I had to do something

So how can I avoid a similar situation where I am at school all day and feel like I just ran a 5 k by the end of the day you ask, it’s simple. Don’t wait till the day of your enrollment to look for classes and figure out you schedule for the quarter. Create a schedule that is flexible with school as well as your workout routine skipping a workout is like skipping a class, you have to make up your work or you stuck. Here are a couple factors that will help you create the painless schedule that would allow you to balance your fitness and school schedule.

1. Consider all other time consuming factors outside of school
a. Holidays, Girlfriend/Boyfriend Time, Vacation
b. Get your work schedule in advance
2. Allow time in between your schedule and bring the essentials needed
a. If you plan to work out between classes, have at least a 3 hour gap
b. If you plan to work out in the morning, have enough time to wash up after your workout and head to class
c. If you work out after your class, be sure to have your meals prepared, supplements, and other factors that will prepare your body for a workout. As well as have time between classes to eat and drink fluids.
3. Realize the amount of work is needed to be put in certain classes
a. Certain classes require more work, such as math classes, science classes with labs, and senior projects. Be sure to incorporate the time it takes to do your homework and study. This is the hardest part of creating a set schedule or routine.

Once you get in the flow of things it takes about two weeks to get on track and consider it a routine. Life is a lot easier when it is organized so might as well start here in college. Trust me the better schedule you create the happier you will be throughout the quarter and you will see that in your grades and fitness results.

And I am out

Drew Caustrita

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