Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The holiday season is already in full force, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Many of us have plans to join our family around the dinner table. Let us keep in mind that not everyone is able to enjoy this time of year. The Bronco Fitness Center is currently hosting a food drive through November 23rd in order to help others who otherwise may be stressed due to Thanksgiving. A non-member will be able to enjoy a free gym session when he or she comes in with a member and brings in a food donation to the Bronco Fitness Center.

This time of the year also brings the thought of New Year’s resolutions, but you should not wait until January to begin caring for yourself. Members are already on the right track, and those who are able to get their friends to join the Bronco Fitness Center have the ability to get their January membership paid for. Members that refer one friend will receive $5 off their January membership, two friends is $10 off, and three friends make the month free for students at $15 off. This promotion will be going on until December 19th.

Since this article has been all about promotions, I thought that I would include another promotion that will be taking place December 3rd. Hangar 18, which is a rock climbing gym in Upland, will be allowing Cal Poly students to climb for free from 5:00pm to 9:00 pm. Feel free to check out their website www.climbhangar18.com



  1. There should be a thumbs up like button for blogs :)

  2. There really isn't a more convenient and cost-efficient gym membership than the BFC if you go to Cal Poly or live close by.