Tuesday, February 1, 2011

American Heart Month

February is all about hearts, but this has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. February is cardio vascular awareness month. The CDC reports that heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. The Bronco Fitness Center is celebrating by giving you $5.00 towards your membership for every friend that you get to join the gym. This is valid up to $15.00 dollars. Get those who you care about to keep their hearts healthy as well by joining the fitness center. We have also created a focus training program with various routines that are geared towards specific areas. These routines are done with a trainer and last for fifteen minutes, and the best part is that they only cost five dollars.

Prevention is critical when it comes to heart disease and steps can be taken with your diet. According to the CDC in order to avoid heart disease you should enjoy a low fat diet. This includes eating lean meats without skin, and incorporating fat free and low fat dairy products into your diet. Also try to cut back on your sodium intake and keep your cholesterol intake at about 300mg a day. You need to keep your alcohol intake at a minimum as well. If you drink, it is recommended that women only consume one drink a day and men keep it at two.

Smoking is also a huge culprit when it comes to heart disease. If you are not a smoker, second hand smoke is also very dangerous so beware of surrounding yourself with it.

Physical activity plays an important role in heart health. Try to find a work out that you enjoy and keep with it for thirty minutes five days a week. These activities don’t have to be extreme to reap benefits. The CDC reports that you can even spread out your workout into ten minute chunks. You should make sure these ten minutes require effort and are somewhat vigorous in order to increase your cardio health.


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