Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fashions of Fitness

A big hello to my fellow Cal Poly Pomona students! It's been awhile since we last spoke, so I've come to grace you with a new current fitness issue...fashions of fitness.

Like everything else, aspects of fitness go through fads. According to a new survey forecasting fitness trends for 2011...bootcamps are on the rise!

So what exactly do bootcamps consist of you ask? Well, the standard fitness bootcamp offers all or most of the following:
-Small group environments (often 6-10 people)
-Open public outdoor space such as a park or a big indoor space like CPP's
Ursa Major
-Warm-up for about 10 minutes at the start of each class

The 30-40 minute workout will include:
-Interval training
-Speed training with sprints
-Core strength
-Team competitions
-Obstacle courses
-Cool down and stretching
-Fitness retesting. This will allow you to see how much you've improved by
taking the initial fitness assessment at the beginning of bootcamp.

Did you know that your very own Bronco Fitness Center offers bootcamp EVERY quarter? Let me tell you, if you are seriously considering getting back into shape this is a great idea! Katie and Jessica, two of our certified personal trainers, will give you a heck of a workout that will leave you wanting more. They do a great job at engaging the class and most importantly, making it FUN. I hope to see many of you next Spring Quarter signing up for bootcamp. It's $65 for members and $70 for non-members, trust me when I say you will NOT regret this investment. I myself have taken their bootcamp classes and I absolutely love it. As a soccer athlete, I love the feeling of exercising with a group as opposed to working out by myself. There's a lot more motivation, determination, and encouragement when exercising in a group. Not only will you get a fantastic workout but you will also meet incredible people and learn lifelong fitness skills. All levels are welcome!

Hope all of you are surviving midterms week! I know it can be quite stressful so if you need to blow off some steam stop by and get a workout in. Come say hello, we don't bite I promise!

-Stephanie Sandino
*To the bootcampers enrolled in Winter Qtr it is week 6, so keep pushing and striving for success because I assure you it will pay off!!!


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